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Jewelry Laser Welder

The jewelry laser welder machine has only been on the map for Jewelers for a couple decades but has already created a lot of innovation for the jewelry industry. The jewellery laser welder can be used to weld virtually anything, from a small filigree wire to assembling full castings. It can also be used to resize rings, repair stone settings, weld posts onto earrings and can even be used to polish gold jewelry. Also it has the potential to eliminate a lot of steps in jewelry repairs. Perhaps one of the most enticing features of the laser welder is its ability to do jewelry repairs without removing the gemstones. It is widely used on the jewelry industry, hardware industry, tool industry, the instrument industry, automobile industry, energy industry, architectural material industry, model and machine manufacturing industry, electric and electronic industry. Our jewelry laser welder machine offer an excellent value for today’s industry professionals looking to unleash the power of hot-light, benefit from a comfortable, compact, ergonomic design and ensure optimal platform technology. If you’re getting into high-end jewelry-making, adding a laser welder to your workshop arsenal is a no-brainer. The better laser welders can truly transform the way you work and take your results right to the top of the field. Please don't hesitate contact us if you have any questions of laser welding machine for jewelry you can get in touch with us by email or telephone, we will try our best to help you solve the problem as soon as possible.
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