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Gem Identification Light

A variety of gem identification lights are available to meet the needs of the jewelry and gem industry. For inspecting and identifying gems, you will find Fiber Optic Lights, Diamond Grading Lamps and UV Light for Diamond Testing here. Fiber optic lamp with high efficiency, also called strong cold light source, offers the advantages of high brightness and low power consumption, concentrated sunlight, continuous spectrum, convenient operation, and low power consumption. It is used to see the absorption spectrum of gemstones and Charles filter, and other gem detection lights. A powerful ultraviolet LED is the ideal tool to identify amber or diamonds. The UV Fluorescent lamp is a light source that provides ultraviolet light for Gems and Jewelry. It can be used to check the fluorescent. The ultraviolet light makes it easy to see the color and optical characters of Gem. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about how the gem identification lights function or which one suits your needs.
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Gem Identification Light Review