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Jewelry Sandblaster

Sandblasting, also popularly known as abrasive grit blasting helps in effectively clean and prepare surface. The Jewelry sandblaster machine is an indispensable equipment for the production of gold and silver jewelry restoration. It is mainly used to remove various tiny surface oxides and smoothen the surface of the metal used in Jewelry Making . Sandblasting machine can easily handle groove, concave and other difficult to access the site, a variety of abrasive particle size can choose to use. It features large viewing window, two pencils for media of different sizes and hardness, transparent sand bottle for observing the state of sand during sandblasting. Also it have the advanges like strong sandblasting power, smooth and accurate operations, and low maintenance. Because jewelry sandblaster can remove any rugged or harse rust, paint and other difficult surface imperfections effectively, it is widely used by skilled workers such as - jewellery craftsmen, machinists, auto mechanics etc.
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Jewelry Sandblaster Review