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Platinum Melting Furnace

We supply high quality jewelry casting & melting machine with affordable price and fast free shipping to worldwide. The Platinum and Gold melting furnace are widely used in the gold or jewelry industry and in precious metal foundries with advanced IGBT Control system. They are equipped with new high-performance induction generators that very easy and short-reach the melting point and ensure the thorough mixing of the molten metals. The melting furnaces unit and crucible can be tilted and locked in any position by the user-operated at multiple angles for gentler filling. Before pouring, please preheating the mold to prevent the thousand-degree temperature liquid splash and also avoid ingot fault. The operator is forced to stand to the side of the melting furnaces machine, keep away from the dangers of the pouring off area. The machine‘s actual smelting temperature can reach 2100 ℃ , can smelt different kinds of metals (Platinum, Palladium, Stainless Steel, Gold, Silver, Copper, Alloy etc), especially can smelt platinum & palladium. The smelting time is very fast, which can smelt in 1-2 mins. This features make the Platnium & Palladium Smelting Furnace stand in first-class smelting furnace.Please don't hesitate contact us if you have any questions of order and small platinum melting furnace you can get in touch with us by email or telephone, We will try our best to help you solve the problem as soon as possible.
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Platinum Melting Furnace Review