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Jewelry Buffer Polisher

A benchtop jewelry polisher is indispensable in a jewelry studio! It can tackle the hardest jobs quickly and easily. Use the abrasive wheels to clean your jewelry pieces in half the time it takes with hand tools. These sanding buffs remove firescale, oxidization, and solder in no time at all. Jewelry buffer polisher are widely used to polish jewelry, acrylic materials, metal parts or plastic parts to make the appearance delicate. It is suitable for polishing jewelry, metal parts or plastic parts to achieve beautiful results. It features a variable speed 1/6 HP motor with pre-lubricated ball bearings and dust proof motor housing. Tapered spindles allow the use of many abrasive wheel types and polishing buff up to 4". Designed with close attention to quality and performance, our bench jewelry polishing machine is virtually maintenance free. We supply a variety of jewellery polishing machines that will help you get a high-quality shine to your jewelry designs. We have everything you need, from mini tabletop buffing polishing machine to other pieces of jewellery polishing equipment and kits.
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Jewelry Buffer Polisher Review