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Jewelry Plating Machine

Electroplating or gold plating is a useful method that is used to enhance the visual qualities of jewelry items. You will find all the supplies needed for electroplating, electroforming, and e-coating your workpieces. It is not easy to find a ideal portable gold plating machine which fits your requirements. There are many choices available for professionals as well as hobbyists. Today's professional jewelry gold plating machine can be used by both amateur and professional jewelers. The gold plating process can be used in the production of custom jewelry or the repair of damaged jewelry. The small electroplating machine for gold and silver is equipped with an advanced electroplating power supply that has high efficiency. It has the functions of low size, phase loss protection, automatic voltage regulation, steady voltage, over voltage, and protection of thyristor rectifier. It is able to affect a variety of plating methods (copper plating and nickel plating, chrome, gold or silver, electrophoresis), etc.
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Jewelry Plating Machine Review