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Jewelry Magnetic Tumbler

The metal magnetic tumbler for jewelry has custom time function, fast processing speed, and simple & safe operation for polishing irregular-shaped parts, hole, tubular and other dead ends, cracks, etc. It is suitable for light metal, non-ferrous metals, hard plastic, and other precision parts to achieve deburring, chamfering, polishing, washing, and other multiple effects. The small jewelry magnetic tumbler polisher utilizes its unique magnetic field distribution, resulting in a strong and stable magnetic effect. Equipped with heavy duty motor, it can provide robust power while the faceted bowl maximizes rotational action. A built-in 60-minute timer ensures convenient, accurate timing of your processes. Compared with rotary tumbler, it can reducing time spent and gold loss at the polishing machine using heavy buffing and abrasives. Also it can remove scratches and smoothen surfaces without removing details such as engraving, lettering, logo or filigree.
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Jewelry Magnetic Tumbler Review