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Jewelry Rotary Tumbler

Jewel rotary tumblers are sturdy, well-balanced units that can process larger work pieces with heavier media. Although the process times are slower than vibratory finishing, they have the advantage of being able to work harden work pieces. Barrels are multi-sided and made of tough polycarbonate. They are leakproof and won't corrode or rust. It has variable speed, forward/reverse, programmable timer and an auto shut off with buzzer. The operation of the jewellery rotary tumbler makes it easy to work with and produces excellent results for metals such as stones, coins, clean cartridges or polish brass. It features a clear barrel and a locking bar. It is ideal for small projects such as polishing gold and silver jewelry. It also can be used for jewelry, steel and iron as well as copper, zinc, aluminum and magnesium alloy materials.
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Jewelry Rotary Tumbler Review