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Jewelery Vulcanizer

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Jewelery Vulcanizer Review
  • Jewelry Digital Vulcanizer Rubber Mold Jewelry Making Machine Hot Vulcanizing Machine
    Tracking number : 2022021599650815 hi kindly update the status of my shipment. thank you
    Administrator:Dear Customer, Thanks for your reply. I have sent an email to you, please check it. Thanks.
  • Jewelry Mold Vulcanizer Digital Heavy Duty Vulcanizer Jewelry Making Equipment
    Items are as described. Good products. Excellent Seller. Thank you!
  • Jewelry Double-controller Digital Vulcanizer Mold Equipment Heavy Duty Vulcanizer
    This is the best vulcanizer I've ever used. It will cook big mold frames, 6"x8". It's vewry sturdy. I tested the temperature controls. I knew that the numbers on the temperature dials only indicate approximate temperatures. I used my thermometer to find the exact temperatures that I wanted and made little marks on the temperature dials. This allows me to set the vulcanizer within 5 degrees of what I want every time I make a mold. I use my thermometer to tweak the setting before I vulcanize a mold. This vulcanizer holds a temperature like no other that I've every used. The 'heating' light comes on about 3 degrees below the temperature I set. It stays on while the platen heats to about 3 degrees above the temperature I set, every time. My old vulcanizer began heating about 10 degrees below the set temperature and heated to around 10 degrees above the set temperature. I am totally happy with this product.
  • Jewelry Digital Vulcanizer Rubber Mold Jewelry Making Machine Hot Vulcanizing Machine
    Oggetto conforme alla descrizione, arrivato dopo appena 10 giorni, Venditore consigliato.