12" Medium Jewelry Vibratory Tumbler Wet Dry Polisher Jewellery Vibrating Tumbler Machine

12" Medium Jewelry Vibratory Tumbler Wet Dry Polisher Jewellery Vibrating Tumbler Machine

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12" Jerelry Medium Vibratory Tumbler Wet Dry Polisher Polishing Machine Jewelry Polishing Machine 220V/110V


Designed with heavy duty drive and suspension system,as well as additional adyustable amplitude and tough,cross-linked polyethylence for use with all medias to achieve aptimum processing results.Good for chains,bracelets and necklaces tumbling.

It is great for:
Polishing surfaces to a high shine.
Polishing nuts and bolts and other hardware.
Cleaning ammunition reload cases.
Cleaning jewelry.
Cleaning rocks and gems.

This can be used with a flow system wet or dry.
Overall unit dimensions L*W*H (mm) : 320 X 320 X 360
Inside bowl diameter is (mm) : 320
The bowl lid diameter is (mm) : 235
Power supply ac : 110V & 220 /240 volt.
Capacity : approx. 6kg media (not included), or approx. 10kg S.S shots (not included).

Safty Instructions:
Before using your machie, please read all safety instructions. They are for your protection and should always be allowed to reduce the risk of personal injury or damage to the tool.
Never operate any accessory at speeds above it's maximum speed rating. Never operate your machine during a perceptible power decrease. Turn the machine off and do not use unitl power is fully restored.

Intended Use
This Tumbler is designed for cleaning and/or deburring machined parts with the use of media
(media purchased separately). Rust inhibitors can be added to the Tumbler during cleaning.





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