How to Use Electronic Gold Tester Properly

The portable electronic gold tester is an easy, safe, and non-destructive way to test for gold and determine the purity of gold. The Auracle gold tester is the most simple and efficient electronic gold tester in the marketplace today. Never before offered to the public, the Auracle was developed for use by professionals who needed a quick, efficient way to test gold and platinum.

Whether you are a recreational gold buyer, jeweler, or bulk buyer of precious metals, testing the quality of your gold is paramount in ensuring you don’t overpay for your merchandise and do not fall victim to counterfeit goods. The simple task of testing the quality of gold used to be a strenuous process comprised of messy acids and tarnished jewelry, but with the onset of electronic gold testing and quality devices .

New Style Mini Portable Gold Tester Machine Gold Testing Machine For Metal Element Analysis

Advantages of Electronic Gold Testing:

Highly reliable (but not infallible)
Highly approximates gold alloy fineness
Not hazardous (nitric acid is hazardous)
Tests the mass rather than just the surface, so it provide a very good fineness approximation;

How to Properly Electronically Test Gold

Properly performing electronic gold tests is critical.   The result highly depends on this.  Here is the process.
1.If the piece is not totally clean, clean it.  This is specially important with chains and other items that can collect dirt.
2.If needed clean the surfaces to be contacted with an eraser.
3.Place the gold item in the contact surface or alligator clip.
4.Place the probe on the gold item.
5.Make sure conductor fluid reaches the gold item.
6.Apply the charge and wait for the results.
7.If the results are negative the tester will indicate “not gold”.   Test again in a few extra locations.
8.If the results are positive, the display will indicate the fineness of the item (14K, 18K, etc)
9.Test again in a few extra places to make sure that the results are steady.  Use the value that most often comes as a result your fineness determination

As a business person, transparency is critical and ensuring that you get what you pay for can mean the difference between a profit or a loss. A high quality jewelry testing tools can make sure you pay the proper price for your purchase and also that you are buying a legitimate precious metal and not a counterfeit.

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