Basic Knowledge of Jewelry Engraving You Should Know

Engraving is a simple, yet quick process, but it makes the jewelry priceless. There are different processes that jewelers can choose to engrave their pieces.

What Exactly Is Engraving?
Engraving is the action of marring the surface of an object in order to create a design on the object. Unlike other types of marking, such as laser marking, when you engrave an object you can feel where the surface has been marred. Engraving is permanent and can be highly detailed and precise.

Different Kinds of Jewelry Engraving
There are benefits to choosing either rotary engraving or laser engraving for your jewelry engraving. Once you understand more about the different types of engraving you can figure out the best type of engraving for the jewelry you would like to be customized.

Rotary Engraving
Rotary engraving uses a small bit to damage the surface of the object that will be engraved. Any hand engraving with pneumatic jewelry engraver is done with a traditional rotary engraving tool, however, there are also mechanical rotary engraving tools where the design is programmed into the computer and then etched onto the surface according to the design that is programmed.

Jewelry Making Pneumatic Engraving Machine Jewellers Graver machine No Need Air Compressor

Laser Engraving
Jewelry laser engraving machine uses a high-powered laser beam to etch the surface of the material that is being engraved. Similar to the mechanical rotary engraving machine, the design that you want is programmed into the computer and the machine will engrave the design that you want into the jewelry.

Different Types of Materials that Can Be Engraved
One of the benefits of modern engraving machines is that you have a variety of choices of materials that can be engraved. This is especially beneficial for jewelers because it means that they are not confined to using specific materials for their jewelry.

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