Essential Tools Used For Centrifugal and Vacuum Casting

There are two kinds of people who will read the following list: those who will decide this technique isn’t for them and those who will try to get their hands on their kid’s college fund to get everything on here.

Model or pattern wax. A model or pattern can be made of wax or any completely combustible material. The key words here are “completely combustible.” A model material that leaves any residue will cause problems with the cast piece, anything from an unsightly blob to a loss of details.

2L/ 4L Capacity Gold Casting Machine / Gold Recycling Machine / Jewelry Making Machine

Sprue bases and flasks. Buy the bases and flasks> as a set. Flasks need to have a big enough diameter to allow for a clearance of 3/8” between the model and the flask wall and be tall enough to allow for at least 1/2” of investment to cover the model.

Investment. Suppliers carry investment in small and large quantities. However, investment is a water magnet, so buy only what you are going to use within six months or so. Be aware that using a lot of investment will dry out your hands. (So invest in a good hand lotion).

Jewelry Scale. A lab scale for weighing the metal, wax, and investment.

Mixing equipment. A flexible rubber bowl for mixing, a scoop, and something to mix the investment. A hand mixer with only one beater is recommended.

De-bubblizer. A vibrating platform for eliminating bubbles in the model and the investment.

Burn-out oven (kiln) with pyrometer. Needed to burn out model. A kiln with a pyrometer will show at a glance the accurate kiln temperature.

Torch. Oxygen/Acetylene torch for melting metal. A “rosebud” tip is used to melt the metal faster.

Eye protection. Find eyewear dark enough to protect your eyes from the glare of the torch, while allowing you to see well enough to move around the workshop.

Hand protection. Heat resistant gloves for removing hot flasks from the kiln and tongs for handling hot flasks.

Crucible. Get a big enough graphite crucible to hold enough molten metal for the cast. If there isn’t enough metal to fill the mold, you’ll lose castings.

Stirring rod. I use a carbon rod to stir the metal to make sure it’s completely melted and to remove impurities from the melt.

Flux. Twenty Mule Team Borax is recommended.

Five-gallon bucket.  Fill with water for quenching the flasks after casting.

Fire extinguisher.

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